Chronicles of Darby – The Prologue

The trip to Skyrim has taken me months of preparation. I had to do SO MANY jobs just to be able to afford the cart in here, as well as the permit – I heard my brother tried to go without, and I haven’t got anything from him since. And the best part is – I don’t even know how I got to where I am now. I guess I must have fallen asleep, but all I know is that I just woke up in the wreckage of my transport, all my hard-earned gear (not to mention gold) missing. How am I meant to make a living as an adventurer if they even took my knife?!

A quick check later, and I’ve definitely gathered all that I can salvage from the wreckage. A day or so’s worth of food in the form of a whole bunch of apples and some bloodied chunks from the horse (I hope that I can find a village or at least something to hunt soon), a couple of healing potions, and some random books (Book of Daedra, Ransom of Zarek, Real Barenziah II, and two copies of the Wolf Queen IV if you must know). I also found some gold earrings that the bandits presumably missed, so I might be able to get a small start using them. The cart’s chest is here as well, but it’s firmly sealed – the bandits didn’t have any lockpicks, apparently, and neglected to leave me some when they left my sleeping self to freeze.

While here, I noticed a few things. There’s a very large bonfire nearby, surrounded by outlandishly painted rocks. In my research, I think I heard that these were where the mythical giants dwelt? My head’s still a little fuzzy. I should probably get it looked at, but my mage’s training from back in High Rock should help me get through most injuries. There’s also a signpost nearby, seeming to point to two of the major Holds – Windhelm and Riften. As I understand it, Riften isn’t exactly a place that I want to end up in, so to Windhelm it is! Maybe I’ll be able to buy some gear there, who knows.

Ah, there’s also a note pinned here. I’ll just take the dagger pinning it up, and let’s have a looksee here…

“Attention citizenry:

The Giant here has been given leave to keep his camp. Please do NOT attempt to make trade, disrupt the mammoths, gawk at, or otherwise disturb the Giant. Resting here is not advised.”

I guess that I’ll take that as my cue to leave, then. Dagger, I get that we haven’t known each other too long, but I guess I’ll have to leave you here again – that seemed fairly important. And a mammoth’s eyeing me up. Operation: get the Oblivion out of here is go.

Oh hey, another person on the road! Looks like a dark elf or something, in some fairly good armour! Actually, nice knife as well- ah. I may be less streetwise than I had previously thought.

“Alright, hand of your valuables or I’ll gut ya like a fish.”

Guess I was right, then. Could always try negotiating, or telling the truth –

“Do I really look like I have any valuables? Seriously, I’m wearing rags, and my pack’s beginning to tear from my supplies-” Oops. Should not have said that.

Yeah, she’s not too happy about that. Says she won’t ask again.

“Divines damn it, I don’t have time for this…” I mutter under my breath.

“Oh really? I guess I’ll just save us both some time, then!” she shouts as she attacks, instantly stabbing into my arms with her knives. Since when did she have two?!

I immediately start firing back with my fire magic, but it seems that her defences are more than enough to take care of it. A few more stabs with her knives, and yep, I’m running. Good thing about having as little as I do now, and my uncommon height, is that it allows me to flee faster than the armour and loot laden thief can follow.

Damn straight you’ll let me go this time, I inwardly reply as I sprint into one of the nearby steaming pools. The mammoth that is also occupying it may act as a deterrent to her as well. Now I just need to sit here, and not make any threatening gestures towards my large companion, while I wait for my mana to recharge so that I can heal the wounds currently spreading blood around the warm water.

Well, I’ve now burned through both of the potions, and most of the food to restore my dwindling energy reserves after the healing that I had to do afterwards (I think the bottles may have been slightly out of date), and the thief is walking leisurely down the road I want to follow. Not to worry. I’ll just sprint past her and… Success! I don’t think she even noticed me! About a hundred metres gone, and I’ve found a rabbit to fry! Hmm? You think its strange to hunt wildlife only a hundred metres from someone that is actively trying to kill you? You’ll never make it as an adventurer if you’re this cautious about everything! How do you think I made it this far?

Okay, its started snowing, but I’ve made it to the city gates. I’ve met an elf called Ulundil along the way, and it seems we might get along well, considering his opinions on adventure – sometimes the difference between life and death is a swift steed. That’s my kind of saying, Ulundil.

But, I need to get into the city – snow and shredded clothing tend not to go well without thick walls between them, after all.

Hmm? What’s that you say guardswoman? Some boy doing dark rituals to contact a dark brotherhood? I guess it’ll sort itself out – that is what you get paid for, after all. And I am currently in a severe lack of that.

And that is… quite the gate. How the hell do you even open that? Its at least, what fifteen feet high? And made entirely out of metal? Ah, good, the guards’re opening it for me.

Ah. First thing I see is too thugs trying to accuse a dark elf of being an Imperial spy because they won’t help some people called the ‘Stormcloaks’. Sounds like a crime house. I think I’ll avoid this for now.

Nevermind, they left after threatening to rape her. I don’t like this town.

“Do you hate the dark elves? Are you here to bully us and tell us to leave?!”

Woah, calm down. No point accusing me of being violently racist. Just get out while you can.

“You’ve come to the wrong city, then. Windhelms a…” by the divines its cold let me buy something before I freeze- Ah, she’s waiting for me to say something.

“Looked like those Nords were giving you trouble?”

Apparently thats nothing new here. When drunk, he even wanders the Grey Quarter yelling insults at everyone. Interesting character, that one.

When I ask about the whole ‘spy’ thing, it turns out that just about everyone not a nord is fair game for their bullying, regardless of the truth. Yeah, I’m definitely leaving here as soon as I can.

So I’ve done some trading now. Cheapskints only let me sell pretty much everything and I only got up to about sixty gold – not even enough for some furs. And this place doesn’t to have an inn, or even anyone willing to put me up for the night. Guess I’ll have to brave the wilds, because I was able to buy a map of Skyrim from one of the locals – only fourty gold. Pretty good deal, even if there aren’t any locations actually labelled on it. It looks like there’s an abandoned prison nearby which I can probably survive in until morning.

Ended up just straight-up legging it to what look like warmer climates – saw some signposts for Whiterun. And when I was nearly there, I met some crazy on the road named Cicero. His wagon wheel’d broke, and the asshole at the farm wouldn’t let him fix it so he could move his (dead) mother to her burial location. I got them talking about it properly, and suddenly I’m over two hundred gold richer. Is this what success looks like? With a few hours left of the day, I’m almost at the city. When I’m attacked by bandits again. Fortunately, these ones aren’t dark elves, and so my flames work on them quite well. Two dead bandits later, and I’m practically swimming in loot to sell off. Its actually kind of painful – one of them was a dual-wielder, and his axes keep poking in me in the back. Ow.

When I make it into the city, it is to the sound of arguing nords and me being able to sell me loot. And buy myself some armour, which still leaves me at almost four hundred gold, and less likely to freeze to death – pretty good for half a days work.

And with that we have the first installment of Darby Maxene Ó Raghailligh’s adventures! It was somewhat meandering due to the time spent in-game mostly just trying to find a town or city where the character could live comfortably, and then spawning exactly where all these places aren’t, but with the next session I should be able to get more done. Feedback is appreciated, and yes, I probably will change this at a later date to work more around my planned story – no hint drops yet, but there will be soon.


I’ll get an image drawn up of our heroine Soon (TM), and then I can start migrating this to its own section.

Chronicles of Darby – The Prologue


Ok, to those of you that read this, I’m sorry that I didn’t post last week. My deadlines for various projects have just been announced, and they were significantly closer than I had hoped. As such, most of last week was spent on them.

I do, however, have something in the works that could work alongside them – my EPQ is to create a text-based adventure/RPG, and since I’ve mostly got the pseudo-code done, that leaves two main parts: the actual code, which shouldn’t be too difficult now; and the writing for it. Since it has been quite a while since I last wrote something quite that character focused, I might as well get into practice again with a different game story to the one originally posted here – how does the name ‘Darby Maxene Ó Raghailligh’ sound to you guys?


Update: Broken Laptop

Well. my laptop died on me. While this isn’t too bad for me, as I was setting up a new tower anyway, it means that all the stuff on said laptop has been lost – in this case, the most important part of that is the Dwarf Fortress saves. As such, the story has to be re-started. Before that, I’m going to try to figure out a few things about WordPress, see if I can’t prevent the front page becoming as ridiculously cluttered as I believe it will become. Don’t get your hopes up for the story happening any time soon, but I’ll at least try to get everything done by the end of the coming week.

Update: Broken Laptop

The First Trial

The Eternal Dimensions are a harsh world to live in. The goblin armies have been struck down, no longer capable of being a large-scale threat as they were only a few scant months ago. It apparently falls to us dwarves to start the re-colonization of this slightly-less-hostile continent of the Sour Land, and my superiors in the great Banners of Evisceration have decided that the Climactic Fields, near as they are, would make an ideal test of the evil still possessed by nature. I see no issue with this, nor with the relatively short journey there.

And so, I, Ilral Fikodvush, have decided to pick out six more able-bodied dwarves to settle this place with me. They are Kadol Tiristmogshum, Eral Desiskogan, and Kadol Saramkivish, who comprise of our mining team (as well as a few other odd jobs, especially considering that the leaders appear to have only sent two pickaxes with us, a quick check on the road confirms); Deduk Onolbal, the carpenter; Risen Gusilatul, the woodcutter; and finally Lokum Mebzuthkerlig, the farmer.

I anticipate great things from this trip, and shall record the details of it in this log, for posterity. May the earth part swiftly, with a bit of luck added to the mix.

Personality profiles of the Founding Seven, as ordered by Zulban Ngilok overseers:


And this marks the first of my  Dwarf Fortress blog! This should update on a semi-regular basis, and will continue to be written from the journal of whoever holds rank as the expedition leader or equivalent at the time.

With this out of the way, I will also begin to start posting actual news items on the page soon! Of course, if I end up hooking this up with my bank at some point, the regularity will be improved. This comes at the downside of the dreaded adverts. And the customary ‘please no Adblock, I like earning money’ message.

The First Trial

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