The First Trial

The Eternal Dimensions are a harsh world to live in. The goblin armies have been struck down, no longer capable of being a large-scale threat as they were only a few scant months ago. It apparently falls to us dwarves to start the re-colonization of this slightly-less-hostile continent of the Sour Land, and my superiors in the great Banners of Evisceration have decided that the Climactic Fields, near as they are, would make an ideal test of the evil still possessed by nature. I see no issue with this, nor with the relatively short journey there.

And so, I, Ilral Fikodvush, have decided to pick out six more able-bodied dwarves to settle this place with me. They are Kadol Tiristmogshum, Eral Desiskogan, and Kadol Saramkivish, who comprise of our mining team (as well as a few other odd jobs, especially considering that the leaders appear to have only sent two pickaxes with us, a quick check on the road confirms); Deduk Onolbal, the carpenter; Risen Gusilatul, the woodcutter; and finally Lokum Mebzuthkerlig, the farmer.

I anticipate great things from this trip, and shall record the details of it in this log, for posterity. May the earth part swiftly, with a bit of luck added to the mix.

Personality profiles of the Founding Seven, as ordered by Zulban Ngilok overseers:


And this marks the first of my  Dwarf Fortress blog! This should update on a semi-regular basis, and will continue to be written from the journal of whoever holds rank as the expedition leader or equivalent at the time.

With this out of the way, I will also begin to start posting actual news items on the page soon! Of course, if I end up hooking this up with my bank at some point, the regularity will be improved. This comes at the downside of the dreaded adverts. And the customary ‘please no Adblock, I like earning money’ message.

The First Trial

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